I miss you, idiot boy.

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6 years ago

Dear Allied...

When we first met I knew of you because of how highly my friends spoke about you (and because my boyfriend only ever used alliedW in chat). I would have never thought that discovering our mutual love for World of Warcraft would blast off our friendship in the way that it did. I looked forward to waking up every morning and queueing up for BGs with you. Hunter and Monk. You were my pocket healer and I was a killing machine and people hated us for it. The thing was that I never really even enjoyed PVP until I did it with you. You made that shit fun. I think you made a lot of things more fun for everyone by just being around and I loved that about you. You were sick as hell but you still managed to make people laugh.

I met you for the first time in person at Twitchcon and you were just as funny in person as you were online. Attending the keynote together was the best. "If the camera is pointed to us at all, tell me. I'm gonna dab," you said. And sure enough it did, and I told you, and you dabbed, and it was hilarious. I know that the clip is still floating, too. I'm glad that we spent as much time together as we did before you left. It is time that I will cherish forever and look back on in a positive light.

I'm so fortunate to have met you. I needed a friend like you and we confided in one another over our stupid little issues. It won't get better, but it will become easier to deal with in time. I love you, idiot boy. I hope you are resting easy.