Thank you.

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Jess 🍂 @qqSock

6 years ago

I never thought you'd make as much of an impact on my life as you did, and still do. Something that started as trying to find an escape, watching your stream, grew into a community, into events, into what felt like a family. And I grew up too.

As of writing this, I'm 21. I played Smite since the beginning, and have been around a while. I was either 16 or 17 when I started watching you, and I was really, really fucking impressionable. I don't know if there's a clip of it anywhere, but I got a hard slap in the face when you ranted about fake people. "Dude, just be your own person. Like, I don't get it. How are you gonna do things when you can't BE that?" Something like that.

It feels so dumb looking back on it and thinking, "That's what made me conscious about how I hold myself", but it was something I really needed then, and think about today. Where else would I have gotten that slap? What would I be if I never looked at myself and wanted to be different? I don't know. I'm sure I would have grown up eventually, I was in a sinking boat and had to fix things somehow back then. But I'm confident I wouldn't be the same person.

Thank you for helping make me who I am. There are countless other memories that made even my great days better, but this one stands out as something that changed me.

Thank you.

ps: never playing Ymir again, being roasted during Fight Club, TWICE, was EMBARRASSING