My short, surreal experience.

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Newtronic @Newtronic_

6 years ago

Dear Allied21412...

I managed to come across you twice in my entire time playing Smite, once in person, and one in game. And I'm honored to say I got the chance. We met at Worlds on year, (I believe it was season 2), and I asked for a picture, you said 'Sure, but only if you're subbed on twitch.' We laughed and I ended up forgetting to actually take the picture, so once I got back in my room at the Embassy Hotel, I subbed to you instead. I was also so (un)fortunate to get you in a ranked conquest game, and you ended up playing Jungle. As Nox. And you took your 1. Y'know, the one that doesn't hit minions? :thinking: Some of the most fun I've had in Smite to date. The fact we managed to pull a win out didn't even matter to me. Thank you Allied, for everything you've done, being an amazing person through and through.  ♥