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Faeles 🤠 @Faeles_

6 years ago

I never really got the chance to talk a lot to you or get to know you. I just have certain small memories that you were a part of which I remember whenever your name is mentioned.

The earliest one I remember is your old smite videos,especially the ones which shing where you guys would run Sobek & Anubis and all you'd hear is "I GOT YOU" and shing screaming his lungs off. You can never forget JUST how good Shing's Bacchus is either....

Another fond memory of you is back when I was still making my mark on the scene and you helped coach us for a game,back when I was on Netflix n' Chill with Suntouch,Snakesin,enQu and PrOxyQQ. This was the first and only scrim that I had on this team. I remember Suntouch dashing into 5 as agni,dying and then arguing with Proxy about whether or not he did. This resulted in Sun leaving already and you sat there,speechless and mind blown thinking what the f*** has just happened and laughing your ass off.

You made a print on SMITE forever and that will never be forgotten,thank you. <3