When everything felt hopeless for me..

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Suntouch ^.^ @DIG_Suntouch

6 years ago

When everything felt hopeless for me and I didn't know what to do - you took the time to listen and talk to me. I was an outsider for the "Dolby gang" but you made me feel like I belonged there and I loved hanging out. I loved watching you and Shing in everything - my sides have never hurt so much. Life is not the same without you but I know you are in a better place my senpai.

the first time anybody knew my name in Smite was because of you. Everyone wiped except me and I was playing Poseidon, I killed everyone including Zapman and we came back to win the game. I watched it back to many times because you were so hyped and happy for me, you helped me grow into a good streamer and a better human. I miss you everyday, learning from you, laughing from you (laughing at you). I love you senpai